The Incursion Sansha Rats Guide


The Incursion Sansha rats are omni-tanked so they have no real resist holes to exploit. Generally any faction or T2 ammo that does primarily EM or Thermal Damage is hence used.

Even their damage type is primarily EM and Thermal so generally accepted tank against them consist of 70% resists accross the board with sufficient buffer based on whatever ship you fly.

The buffer and resists matter due to sansha having the highest dps by PVE rats outside of WH Sleepers from whom their code is derived from. The following will give you a rough idea of what incursion rats you can expect to see in HQ Sites.

Full Fleet Targets

Arnon Epithalamus: Jam
A jamming cruiser. Only time seen in HQ scenario is the third wave in the third room of a TPPH and in the Mothership site.

Outuni Mesen: Neut Scram Web
Heavy neutralizing threat a primary at all times. They appear at the beginning of a TCRC, in the final wave of a TPPH, NRF and in the mothership site. They also warp scramble and web making them extremely dangerous in all situations.

Lirsautton Parichaya:
Heavy DPS Fighter Bombers capable of Alpha'ing ships to death. Only found in the Mothership site.

DPS Targets

Deltole Tegmentum: Neut Scram Target Paint
Heavy DPS battleship. Largest threat being its target painting because of the signature bloom it can give to cruiser sized ships such as logistics. Slight neutralizer threat along with a scraming threat but not immediate (such as an Outuni Mesen).

Ostingele Tectum:
A DPS battleship with no other outstanding features.

Intaki Colliculus:
DPS and logistical battleship. Provides some minor shield repairs to other Sansha NPCs.

Romi Thalamus:
A DPS cruiser with no other outstanding features. Speed tanker that needs to be webbed down.

Mara Paleo:
Logistics cruiser, which because of its signature radius and high speed is a priority for snipers. The high transversal it can have after being left on field for too long may present a problem.

Vylade Dien:
A fleet booster, taking this down enables everything else subsequently to die slightly faster.

Uitra Telen:
Suspected squad booster. Other than suspected squad booster, just a more heavily tanked Romi Thalamus.

Sniper Targets

Antem Neo:
A sniper cruiser which burns away from the fleet. Hence the Antem is a sniper target.

Auga Hypophysis: Scram Web
A DPS cruiser with no other outstanding features. Due to sig radius and convenience it becomes a sniper target.

Yulai Crus Cerebi:
A sniper battleship which burns away from the fleet. The Yulai Crus Cerebi also has high alpha which makes it a threat.

Drone Bunny Targets

Niarja Myelen: Neut Jam
A jamming frigate which can be seen in the TCRC and various Vanguard sites. Has a small signature radius and is an NPC that re-spawns and is hence of primary importance for the Drone bunny (DDD)

Renyn Meten: Web
A webbing frigate (signature radius = 33) and is a priority only because hitting this frigate on its micro-warp drive (MWD) cycle will enable the DDD to more efficiently kill it. This will also enable the fleet to move with speed as there will be less webs on field.

Schmaeel Medulla: Scram Web
A scrambling and webbing frigate (signature radius = 36). Webbing makes it a priority to get off grid for ease of moving the fleet along and scram makes it a priority, in case of a mass disconnect.

Tama Cerebellum: Scram
A high DPS scrambling frigate which has a larger signature radius compare to the Renyn Meten and Schmaeel Medulla (Tama signature radius = 39). This increased signature radius is why the Tama Cerebellum should be the second last frigate killed.

Eystur Rhomben:
A specialized drone killer (found in Vanguards OTA) has no e-war and is hence of no great importance to the way the site is run.