• Proposal for fellow Incursion Runners to consider

    TVP Leadership and the FC team

    TVP would like to thank our pilots and the communities at large who helped us along in this long and hard road taken by us. We also would like to apologize to people who were drastically affected by this stance. We hope that this agreement establishes an honorable code of conduct for incursions to ensure a better future for all incursion communities. As history has taught us progress and evolution can't be made without strife. We also would like to thank the people who assisted our fleets during the DDoS attacks and helped in recovering the loot.

    Moving forward we would like to present the agreement that we fervently hope will be acceptable for all the incursion communities.

    1. The Kundalini Manifest is to be off limits to all groups until the time that the incursion hits withdrawal, unless all communities unanimously agree to kill the incursion to ensure a better spawn spread.

    2. Following the previous line of thought we hope all the HQ capable communities are willing to accept a MOM rotation so that everyone gets a fair share. In the event that a community is not able to form up at withdrawal they can request help from other communities with the MOM loot going to the community who’s turn it is.

    3. To try and prevent overcrowding in HQ's nowadays it would help for communities to split themselves into 2 groups and farm those incursions separately. For example: communities that have been historically at odds separate themselves from each other to alleviate tension.

    4. Expanding the currently existing channel from just leadership and diplomats to all fleet commanders from all the communities. This will help clear away a lot of confusion and misinformation with a much more open line of communication. In the event of a mass disconnect, this will also help with getting the necessary help to pilots who have lost their ship.

    5. With the current contest-driven environment it is desired that contests be given a fair chance. But no community may follow a fleet around after winning a contest. The winning fleet will chose the next site and head out to it. The losing fleet may head to the same site with the understanding that they agree to be re-contested.

    We at TVP hope that this agreement is deemed acceptable for all communities as it addresses most of the points that, historically, issues have stemmed from. We will strife to work together with all other communities in the future with a more open dialogue so that such misunderstandings do not reoccur.

  • Theft and a new Community ISN Policy

    TVP Leadership and the FC team

    Esteemed TVP Members:

    You are more than likely aware of the recent DDOS attacks that have been aimed at Eve.

    Unfortunately, fate transpired somewhat against us and during the course of one of these attacks, our fleet was caught in a TCRC contest with ISN, which resulted in the loss of several ships across both ISN and TVP fleets. It was with quite some relief when we logged back on, when the attack had fizzled out, to hear that Noble Ranger of ISN leadership had managed to stay online throughout the attack, and had, we thought, in a heroic act, managed to loot all the wrecks to save the loot from thieves who may have taken advantage of the circumstance. It is in fact historically accurate to say, in previous DDOS attacks, different communities have banded together, even clearing sites so other communities could rescue the loot for their members.

    We also had a screenshot from Noble Ranger himself, Showing us all the loot he scooped. Matching up the lossmails to that in his hangar, we were glad that someone with a position of responsibility had clearly had the clarity of thought to act with such speed and had managed to get.... everything!

    However, Following this exchange in local where he is taunting TVP over the theft he had committed, we contacted Noble Ranger, and with quite some disappointment, it soon became apparent that in fact it wasn't a heroic act, and that our relief and faith was misguided. Here is a screen shot of the mail. We won't take the time to defend some of the ridiculously incorrect and sarcastic things he has said here in reply, in the interest of brevity, but I am sure many people will find his guesswork amusing. This same exchange was also posted in the 'tear bucket' section of the ISN forums. Nice.

    The timing of this disgusting and greedy behaviour fortunately coincided with the launch of the TVP Boosters and Insurance Ltd., just two weeks earlier. The TVP FC team unanimously voted to cover this atrocious act of theft entirely. In fact, we were so outraged at the thought of members of the public suffering to this behaviour, that we even covered the theft for players who had not purchased insurance, but had been a victim. Having dealt with the fallout, leadership meetings took place to discuss our options.

    As the biggest incursion community, TVP has the larger responsibility and ability to impact, not only TVP members but all people who choose to fly incursions and enjoy this facet of EVE. Because of this, TVP has historically always sought to maintain a passive policy towards other communities in order to promote the maximum ISK farming for all people, from all communities. It is no coincidence, that over the last few months of frantic spawn popping, TVP (a community that runs 23.5/7) has only elected to close two spawns, both of which were in the withdrawal stage. In the midst of the most recent popping frenzy, it was discussed and agreed among TVP leadership members, that joining in with the same type of thoughtless behaviour, without clear provocation, and clear goals in reaction to such provocation would only conspire to deepen the ensuing anarchy. TVP held firm to our passive belief and elected to ride out the storm as we always have.

    After recent events, we now see with some clarity that our philosophy of incursions for all has facilitated the existence of a parasite in our midst for too long. Failure to act now when we have the power to respond to this malicious provocation would make us just as responsible as the perpetrator(s) who carried out this callous act. With the true colours of Noble Ranger shining so brightly, our eyes have finally been opened to just how toxic ISN leadership really is to the whole of the incursioning community.

    It is with much disappointment that we are having to change our policy in regards to ISN. To protect our playerbase from any further behaviour such as this. We will be forming an alliance with as many communities as possible to facilitate the following new policy.

    Hence fourth; every time ISN seeks to run a HQ fleet, the focus will be closed by the new alliance that is forming within the incursion communities, until such time the toxic minority of ISN realises it is no longer welcome in HQ. There is no time limit; this is simply 'from now on'.

    We will not risk the general incursion communities chances for enjoyable content by allowing “fellow” incursion runners in positions of authority to abuse and take advantage of any further situations of similarity that may arise.

    In time, pilots will realise that signing up for ISN HQ fleets will have no effect on their income other than stopping it and will in due course, seek to fly with other communities. When ISN HQ fleets are unable to undock due to lack of numbers, we will cease all unnecessary spawn closures and resume farming. Of course we do not expect the malicious few to stop attempting to form a fleet, so our policy is clearly defined by an actual HQ fleet undocking/running.

    Leadership would like to take this opportunity to apologise in advance to the respectable majority of ISN membership for the disruption that will ensue. We implore you to unite in the condemnation of this atrocity and bring swift closure to what must now be done. Our reaction is aimed directly and solely at the toxic ISN leadership and their total lack of respectable behaviour towards others. The honourable majority of ISN pilots are welcome to fly in TVP, DIN, and any other community fleets at any time, as always. It is also quite fortunate with the timing of the hyperion release, as when we are forced to close a focus, the respawn time post-hyperion patch will be substantially shorter, reducing the impact this has on the greater community.

    On behalf of the thousands of united and determined membership of our community, and our friends from other communities.

    "Enough is enough" we won't be giving ISN leadership another chance to harm incursion runners again.


    TVP Leadership and the FC Team

  • TVP Ship Insurance Scheme is now live!

    Julius Paris

    The New "TVP Ship Insurance Scheme" went live today after normal down time.

    Regards TVP

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  • TVP Ship Insurance Scheme

    Julius Paris

    The New "TVP Ship Insurance Scheme" will go live on Sunday 10th August 2014 - after normal down time.

    Hello TVP!

    The team at The Valhalla Project have, as always, been looking at new ways to improve both our efficiency and our safety. You are all well aware of our recent fit changes. We hope you liked them! as they improved our site speeds, and reduced our losses.

    However this change did show us that, even great players, with great fits, can occasionally run into a cascade of events which results in the loss of their ship, entirely out of their control.

    So we sat down as a collective team and decided that we were not happy with this. It's not cool to be a great player with a great ship, and lose stuff anyway!

    So we have overhauled how we do things. We've pulled together some key aspects of our general running procedures as well.

    The key to this is a new initiative called The Valhalla Project Boosters and Insurance Ltd Corporation.

    Hope you like it as much as we do!

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  • TVP "PLEX For Good" Donation Collection

    Forsaken Su-un

    According to current collections we have collected 80 PLEX's and with just around 5B ISK still left over. Hopefully by the end of the day we can get over 100 PLEX's collected.

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  • Trillion ISK to get matched for PLEX for Good - 2T in total!

    Forsaken Su-un

    Chribba and Amarr Citizen 155 Currently have a PLEX for Good initiative going on where they will match all the donations of ISK upto 1 Trillion ISK for a equal amount.

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  • Rubicon Launched

    Forsaken Su-un

    Rubicon went live on the 19th of November 2013.

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