New Bro's Guide to Incursions


New to incursions Old toon or new toon? Well welcome to The Valhalla Project (TVP)! This guide is here to help you get setup for your first incursion site and to make sure that you have the information needed to be successful. TVP's primary goal is to run safe and effective incursion fleets. Be warned incursions can be deadly to the uninitiated and unattentive.

So read all of this guide several times so you fully understand what you need to do. Every section of this guide contains important information that you need to understand and apply.

Failure to do so may result in the loss of your ship.

If you have questions after that ask in channel as many are willing to help.

New Pilots

It's a fact that Incursions are one of the most dangerous aspects of EVE game play. Our fleets may seem easy to fly in but that's due to over 2 years of refining fits, methods and tactics.

It is also a fact that it is quick and easy to skill up to fly a ship, but it's a whole different ball game to fly it well.

So if you are a young charater don't be surprised if an FC asks for your EVE Board link to check your skills.

Why you ask? It's simple really, TVP policy is to run safe effective fleets, no FC wants to lose a ship on his watch. We need to know that pilots we invite to fleet have the minimum skills to fly as safe as possible while they train to be more effective.

"DO NOT BE OFFENDED" we have your best interests at heart, so take any advice given in good faith. "RESISTANCE IS FUTILE you will be assimulated ..... lol"

TVP Ship Fits

So fittings .....

As a team we have worked long and hard refining our fleet fits for optimal safety and site times (these are under constant review for improvement) however we ackowledge the following.

As a pilot you have a right in EVE to decide how to fit and fly your ship .... Simple fact.

As a community we reserve the right to specify fits and skills needed, if you wish to fly in our fleets .... Simple fact.

A FC has the perogative to invite any fit he likes into fleet .... simple fact.

If your non-standard fit was accepted by one FC it does not give you the right to challenge another FC with a non-standard fit .... Simple fact.

Recommendation: To avoid issues fit as per our web-site ..... Simple fact.

General Settings

CSPA Charge:
Turn off your CSPA-charge in the EVE-Mail settings (or set it to 0).

Auto Target Back:

When taking aggro you will be broadcasting for shield and the logistics will be locking you up, having this setting you will not lock them or the NPCs that have locked you back. Set Auto Target Back to 0. You can find this option in your Escape Menu -> General Settings Tab -> Middle Column -> Inflight.

Auto Reject duel Invitations:
To make sure that your multi-billion ISK ship won’t be blown up by accepting a duel invitation by accident. You can find this option in your Escape menu -> General Settings Tab -> Dueling (bottom left hand corner) and make sure there is a cross in the box.

Safety settings:
This will make it so that you cannot be concorded. (eg. shooting a fleet member is a concordable event.) You will want to have your safety set to green. You can do this by pressing on the Yellow, Red or Green dot at the top left of your capacitor (when undocked). Make sure the dot is Green!

Shield Alarms:
For the instances that you have to look away from the screen for a second and the sansha decide to agress you. Having this alarm can bring your attention back to the screen and you can broadcast for shields. You can find this option in the bottom right of you capacitor.

Broadcast Settings

The most important thing you will have to do in an incursion site! We don’t want to see you blow up, just as much as you don’t want to see your pod floating in space with no home to go. Make sure you are in your fleet window. There are 4 easy steps to making sure your broadcasts are set up properly after you are in that window.

Step 1:
Go to the History tab and set the filter to ‘Broadcast History’.

Step 2:
Along the bottom of your fleet window there should be a row of square buttons with images of shields and the like. If there is not on the bottom right hand side there will be three arrows pointing up, press on them and the squares will appear.

Step 3:
After you have done Step 2, there will be some arrows in the bottom right hand corner, make sure there are 4 arrows pointing in all four directions (up, down, left and right). If they are not like this already, click on the arrows until it is.

Step 4:
Locate the ‘Broadcast: Need Shield’ (3rd from left) - ‘Broadcast: Need Capacitor’ (4th from left) and the ‘Broadcast: In Position At’ (5th from left) buttons. They are found along the bottom of the fleet window. Become familiar with these buttons as the FC will ask you for test broadcasts of all three types.

Overview Settings

This will aid you in setting up your overview, which will allow you to see everything you will need to when running in a TVP fleet.

Step 1:
Name an overview tab ‘Incursions’ (or something that you will remember it is your incursion tab).

Step 2:
Open your overview settings - Do this by clicking on the bars in the top left of your overview and clicking on ‘Open overview settings’.

Step 3:
In this window click ‘Filter’ -> ‘Type’ -> and down the bottom ‘Deselect all’.

Step 4:
Select the following
Celestial tab: Beacon and Warpgate
NPC tab: Pirate NPC and Mission NPC

Step 5:
We will now be placing ‘Velocity’ and ‘Tags’ on your overview. Do this by selecting column and then check ‘Tag’ and ‘Velocity’.

Step 6:
Make sure you have this overview profile loaded to your ‘Incursion’ overview tab.


Communication is at the core of how our fleets are run. The majority of orders given by the FC will be via voice commands. So if your not on our comms your stay in fleet will be very short lived.

We do not use the in game voice system so you will need setup the following software out of game.

Team Speak:

We use Team Speak for our voice communication.

You can download it at the link below.
  • Team Speak Client

  • A setup guide can be found here
  • Team Speak Tutorial

  • Connection details
    We DO NOT publish our server details as we have several, so please do not ask for them in TVP Public.

    Teamspeak server details will be in the fleet MOTD when you get an invite. Your in game toon name must be a component of your TS name. Although not a requirement a microphone is highly recommended.

    Fleet MOTD

    So whats it for:
    MOTD or Message Of The Day is your key source of fleet information.

    The MOTD contains comms details, location of the fleet and who is performing the fleet roles. So read it before asking a question!

    Watch List

    So whats a Watch List:
    Depending on your role in fleet there will be fleet members you will need to keep an eye on. Not easy when there are fourty pilots in fleet.

    The Watch List can have upto fifteen pilots in order to keep track of their status or perform quick actions like orbiting, keep at range or drone assist for example.

    Basic Watch List:
    To add a pilot right click their name, then fleet option and finally add to watch list.

    The Watch List then appears as a seperate window on your screen. In a basic form a Sniper pilot would have the AAA and DDD watch Listed. A DPS pilot may have the Vindi anchour (VVV) added. Logistics pilots would have all the fleet roles and other Logistics watch listed along with potential newbros or high-aggro pilots.


    Set Drones to Passive:
    We need your drones set to PASSIVE. They must not be agressing targets not explicitly called

    Drone Assist:
    We have three drone bunny roles in our fleets the DDD, HHH and the SSS.

    The DDD is the pilot that you will assist your light drones to, right click Combat drones "in Space" select Assist, Watch List then DDD pilots name. If you are carrying heavy drones you will use the same method to assign your drones to the HHH. Snipers will assist their mobile drones to the SSS.

    DON'T forget to collect them before leaving a room or a site.

    Rigs and Rig fitting

    Rigs General:
    All of our fits require rigs to be fitted to your ship. You do not need skill to use rigs but you do need skills to fit them and reduce the drawback penalty.

    Rigs Fitting:
    The skills to fit T1 rigs are minimal, however T2 rigs require the relevant specialist rigging skill at leval 4. We appreciate that Newbro's skills training is focused on their defensive, cap and gunnery skills, with this in mind most FC's have the ability to fit them for you so ask for help in TVP Public. However it would be benificial to train some rigging skills to reduce the draw back penalty that comes with fitted rigs.

    TVP Rig Fitting Policy:
    The policy is very basic and simple "USE A FC TO FIT YOUR RIGS" if your ship gets stolen all we will do is perma ban the pilot concerned and spread his/her name to other communities so be warned.

    The process is simple find an FC to help you, strip your fit and put rigs in cargo and then trade with said FC in focus dockup.

    Acronyms Commonly Used

    These will be found in the Fleet MOTD.

    AAA (which stands for Anchor):
    This is the Logistics and sniper/long range DPS anchor. They will lead the snipers and logistics pilots to the anchoring positions.

    VVV (which stands for Vindi Anchor):
    This is the short range DPS anchor. They will attempt to place the short range DPS(missile boats are considered in this category) in optimal range for Vindicator guns & webs.

    DDD (which stands for Light Drone Bunny):
    This acronym represents the Light Drone Bunny. This is the individual that you will be Assisting your drones to.This member of the fleet is usually a Vindicator and is responsible for handling frigates and some cruisers.

    HHH (which stands for Heavy Drone Bunny):
    This acronym represents the Heavy Drone Bunny. This is the individual that you will be Assisting your drones to.This member of the fleet is usually a Vindicator and is responsible for handling frigates and some cruisers.

    This is new due to changes in drone assist mechanics (limited to 50 drones to assist pilots). So don't be surprised if you see a DDD2 or HHH2 in fleet MOTD the FC will assign squads to each as needed.

    SSS (which stands for Sniper Drone Bunny):
    This acronym represents the Sniper Drone Bunny. This is the individual that you will be Assisting your drones to if you are a sniper.This member of the fleet is usually a Vindicator and is responsible for handling frigates and some cruisers.

    This is new due to changes in drone assist mechanics (limited to 50 drones to assist pilots). So don't be surprised if you see a DDD2 or HHH2 or a SSS in fleet MOTD the FC will assign squads to each as needed.

    This role is performed by either one or two machariel pilots in the TCRC site. They are responsible for moving an object called the Concord MTAC from the MTAC Factory to the Shield Transfer Control Tower which appear as containers on the overview. If you’re wanting to learn how to MTAC (almost a requirement for Machariel pilots) see the link below.
    How to MTAC

    This person is the person who runs the fleet!

    The Logistics Commander role is look after all things logistcs and keep the Fleet Commander (FC) updated.

    HQ Sites

    True Power Provisional Headquarters (TPPH):
    This is the easiest, but longest site we run in HQs. It consists of three rooms, which you have to burn through, however it also has a time where fleet members can take a break as there is a tower bash at the end of the site.

    The Tower is the objective of the site and we also have to destroy all of the NPCs in the room before we are able to kill the tower so there is very little risk involved in going AFK at this time.

    Nation Rebirth Facility (NRF):
    This is the only site that we run and kill all of the rats in the room. This sites objective is to kill all rats, we do not have to kill any tower, which also makes it unique compared to the TPPH and TCRC which we run on a regular basis.

    The last wave of this site can be very dangerous as it can have up to 3 Outuni Messen class ships which neut ships out completely. The last wave also has an extreme amount of alpha (instant damage) which means people have to be on their toes, even after the aggro settles the first time, there is a hard switch.

    True Creations Research Center (TCRC):
    This site is the hardest site you will run in incursions. There is a lot of alpha and neuting power at the beginning of one of these sites. Along with 2 Outuni Messens there are also Deltole Tegmentum’s which do slight neuting but also put out the most DPS out of any of the Sansha rats you find in HQ Incursions.

    The entry to this site can be shaky for logi’s as there are a lot of people taking damage within seconds of entering. The objective in this site is to destroy the tower located directly in front of your warp in point. We do however leave this site (after payment of course) with rats on the field.

    Because of this reason, once the scrams are clear the FC will ask DPS and Snipers to warp off to the broadcast and the Logi pilots will stay behind with the FC and will be warped off by said FC when he/she is confident that there are no other fleet members left on grid.

    The Kundalini Manifest (MOM)- ENDS THE INCURSION:
    This site is one that many people hate as it ends the incursion as is and will cause us to move systems.

    The MOM is difficult in only 2 ways:

    Bomber spawns which have the ability to alpha logi ships off the grid (in the case of a bomber spawn and you are targetted make sure to broadcast twice for shield).

    Also the ECM Burst which causes the fleet to temporarily lose targets (its okay! if you’re taking damage when this happens just broadcast for shield again and you will be fine).