HQ Projectiles

Additional Modules/Fit Kit to bring:

-1x Large Shield Extender II (high influence fit)
-1x Republic Fleet Tracking Enhancer (allows fit swap for VG)
-2x Sensor Booster II (allows vg fit)
-1x Large Remote Shield Booster II (spare reps)
-1x Large 'Regard' Remote Capacitor Transmitter (allows in-site refit)
-1x Small Tractor Beam II (emergency MTAC)
-1x Mobile Depot (allows in-site refit)

Ammo & Such:

-Republic Fleet EMP L (Meta 4 Guns Ammo)
-Quake L (T2 Guns Ammo)
-Nanite Repair Paste (To repair overheat damage on mods)

HQ Fittings for Machariels

Basic HQ Machariel

This entry level machariel outperforms both the maelstrom and the TFI for tank and for alpha, it's a great place to start. Meta 4 guns are ok while you train to t2 as a priority. You may also need to replace the power diagnostic with a reactor control unit, if you haven't trained up advanced weapon upgrade and projectile rigging very high yet. Remember you can use a powergrid implant, too.

Intermediate HQ Machariel

This mid level machariel is a bit more tankier than the Basic fit. Meta 4 guns are ok while you train to t2 as a priority.

Advanced HQ Machariel

This mach requires advanced weapon upgrades and projectile rigging skills to a decent level, with a powergrid implant if you do not have these maxed. Remember, the Machariel is the king of alpha, and in contests a key skill to winning is timing your shots correctly to hit armour and hull.

Other Projectiles

It may take some time to get into fleet, upgrading hull is advised with cash from your first incursion or sale of this original ship

NewBro TFI - HQ

A great starter, though only marginally cheaper than a Machariel when incursion income is considered. If you already have one it's great to refit to get into incursions, and it will give you an edge over the maelstrom. However if you are upgrading from a maelstrom skip straight to the machariel.

NewBro Mael - HQ

This is the optimal T1 hull for incursion projectile weapons. If you are looking for a T1 hull to get the cash flowing for a machariel, buy this one!