HQ Hybrids

Important Notes

The various fits on this page are specifically designed to give the best tank possible and offencive caparbility,depending on which version you fly. It is important to remember that your skills also affect how effective your module are, so focus on the skills that promote your defensive modules as well as your offencive ones, so balance your training plan to suit.

These fits are to be fitted as shown for reasons explained above. They are not a pick 'n' mix sweetie shop remember that.

The Incursion Bar

When you enter an incursion system the influence bar appears at the top left of your screen. It's colour will either be fully red or blue or somewhere in between.

When the bar is fully red (100%) our defencive and offencive systems are serveal reduced, when fully blue after killing mutiple sites it is consider to be 0%.

All the main fits on this page are designed for 0% influence, if we were to fly these fits at high influence and you were targeted you would melt and die before the logi's could lock you let alone rep you.

To combat this we have Hi-Influence fits that are designed to increase the buffer on your tank that will give the logistics more time to lock and rep you.

Things to bring with you

Below in the white box is selection of items we suggest you bring with you to each focus so you can adapt your fit if needed.

Additional Modules/Fit Kit to bring:

-1x Large Shield Extender II (high influence fit, drop TC, drop DDA'S, Fit x 2 TE + LSE)
-3x Republic Fleet Tracking Enhancer (allows fit swap for - double web for influence/ddd, and VG)
-2x True Sansha Stasis Webifier (allows fit swap double web fit/triple web vg fit)
-1x Sensor Booster II (allows vg fit)
-5x Garde II (allows vg fit)
-5x Warrior II (allows vg fit)
-1x Mobile Depot (allows end of site refit to double web if your old DDD is leaving)

Ammo & Such:

-Caldari Navy Antimatter Charge L (Meta 4 Guns - Close Range Ammo)
-Caldari Navy Tungsten Charge L (Meta 4 Guns - Long Range Ammo)
-Void L (T2 Guns - Close Range Ammo)
-Null L (T2 Guns - Long Range Ammo)
-Nanite Repair Paste (To repair overheat damage on mods)

HQ Fits for Vindicators

Basic HQ Vindicator

The starter fit that will provide enough tank and a platform to improve upon.

High Influence Fit - Replace Web with the best LSE you have.

Intermediate HQ Vindicator

A substantial upgrade to the T2 fit, as you now have the spareslot to add a tracking computer, allowing you to fit dual drone damage amplifiers for a great DPS gain.

High Influence Fit - Replace Tracking Computer with the best LSE you have. Replace Drone Damage Amplifiers with the best Tracking Enhancers you have.

Advanced HQ Vindicator

The ultimate DPS hull with the ultimate fit. Works with Pith B type invulns, too.

High Influence Fit - Replace Tracking Computer with the best LSE you have. Replace Drone Damage Amplifiers with the best Tracking Enhancers you have.

Other Hybrids

It may take some time to get into fleet, upgrading hull is advised with cash from your first incursion or sale of this original ship

Hyperion - Newbro Hyp - HQ

The hyperion is the champion of the t1 hulls for fullfilling the DPS role, outclassing all other t1 hybrid hulls for damage and cap stability.

High Influence Fit - Replace Web with the best LSE you have.

Megathron Navy Issue - New Bro Fit - HQ

If you already have a Navy Mega, it is an excellent starter. However if you are moving up from a Hyperion or other t1 hull, or want to start in something a little shinier, it is best to move straight into a Vindicator. The price is only marginally different when incursion income is considered, for a much greater gain.

High Influence Fit - There is NO Hi-Influence fit for this ship as it only has four mid slots, so upgrade your hull as soon as possible.

Upgrading your Ship

So you have been flying your Basic Vindicator for a while developing your skills and making ISK giving you a nice fat wallet.

This where TVP would expect you to invest in a upgrade to the Intermediate Vindicator fit to improve your contribution to our fleets.

It is important to uprade in the right sequence. The last thing you do is change your rigs and your EM Ward module, upgrade your invules and other modules first. When the rest is upgraded you can then switch out the T2 thermal rig for the T2 em rig and the EM ward for the Tracking computer

You now have an Intermediate Fit Vindicator congratulations and keep training.