TVP VGV Doctrine Guide


Esteemed members,

We are pleased to announce The Vanguard Project’s new public doctrine.

This update has been due for some time and after exhaustive testing and careful consideration by The Vanguard Project team, it is ready for release.

First, We want to thank you all for your patience with this update. This update is a near complete overhaul of our public doctrine and it consists of three main sections: warp speed changes, our new fleet formation, and new fittings for our authorized ships.

As we said prior, this update has been due for a very long time. The principles for our new public doctrine have been tested and run in our Elite fleets since November 2013.

And over the last few weeks after the introduction of the new hyperspatial accelerator module it has presented us with the opportunity of realistically enabling public fleets to operate at a faster warp speed and thus improve our efficiency.

The main reason in the delay for this release was to allow the markets to populate and wait for price stabilisation on the new hyperspatial modules.

At this time the most effective hyperspatial module is the Prototype Hyperspatial Accelerator this module is still too expensive to expect the entire public membership to buy.

Because of this we will be listing the Experimental Hyperspatial Accelerator module as the required standard.

Some of the new fits and how they integrate with our fleets may be confusing so we would like to take this opportunity to briefly explain the concept of the new fits and fleet formation.

The concept behind the new doctrine is warp speed and the ability to get to a new site faster for optimal efficiency.

We now humorously refer to this new fleet setup as the old Looney Toon cartoon "The Roadrunner", hence we have named the two squads after them.

Which squad you X-UP for is dependant on your warp speed. If your warp speed is 3.80 AU's or faster you are eligable to join the Road Runner Squad if less than 3.80 AU you are eligable to join the Coyote Squad.

The detailed requirements to join a squad and fits required are in the following sections. Logi pilots have their own special section. Please read all of this and apply the recommendations before asking to join our fleets.

Regards the VGV Team

Road Runner Squad:

Pilots that desire to immerse themselves in our Vanguard incursioning may I present to you our Roadrunner squad. Utilizing our RR edition fits in combination with our listed Ascendancy clone implants, the Roadrunner squad enjoys an impressive warp speed of 3.95 AU/s; an experience we’re confident all pilots will enjoy.

If you meet the 3.95 AU warp speed requirements you can join the Road Runner Squad. as detailed below.

Clone Implants:

Slot 1: High-grade Ascendancy Alpha
Slot 2: High-grade Ascendancy Beta
Slot 3: High-grade Ascendancy Gamma
Slot 4: High-grade Ascendancy Delta
Slot 5: High-grade Ascendancy Epsilon
Slot 6: Eifyr and Co. 'Rogue' Warp Drive Speed WS-618

Vindicator RR Fits

VGV-Vindi-Standard RR

VGV-Vindi-Afford RR

Scimitar RR Fits

VGV Scimi Standard RR

Coyote Squad:

Pilots that do less than 3.95 AU warp speed are welcome to join our Coyote squad. Using our Coyote edition fits as detailed below

Vindicator Coyote Fits

VGV-Vindi Standard Coyote

VGV-Vindi Afford Coyote

VGV Nightmare Coyote Fits

VGV-NM Standard Coyote

VGV-NM Afford Coyote

VGV Scimitar Coyote Fits

VGV-Scimi Coyote Standard

VGV-Scimi Coyote Afford


DPS pilots flying with us will fall into one of two categories depending on their fit and implants as will our logistics pilots. It all depends on your warp speed

Public members who do not have the High Grade Ascendancy clone and rig who do not warp at 3.95 AU will reside in a squad open to all public members called the Coyote squad. All of our Coyote fits are designed to warp at an increased speed of 2.5 AU/s and it is a non-negotiable requirement that Nightmare and Vindicator Coyote squad members fit two experimental hyperspatial modules as per the new fits.

This update is the beginning of a new era for Vanguard incursions and we at the Vanguard Project are delighted to have brought it to the EVE incursion community.

Again we welcome you to our community and we hope to see you in fleet soon. If you have any questions about the fits or implants please find one of our Elite members or FCs as they can assist you.

Thank you.