TVP Insurance Corp

The New "TVP Ship Insurance Corporation" is now LIVE.

Please read the following so you understand this new inititive.


Hello TVP!

The team at The Valhalla Project have, as always, been looking at new ways to improve both our efficiency and our safety. You are all well aware of our recent fit changes ... (We hope you liked them!) which improved our site speeds, and reduced our losses.

However this change did show us that, even great players, with great fits, can occasionally run into a cascade of events which results in the loss of their ship, entirely out of their control.

So we sat down as a collective team and decided that we were not happy with this. It's not cool to be a great player with a great ship, and lose stuff anyway!

So we have overhauled how we do things. We've pulled together some key aspects of our general running procedures as well.

The key to this is a new initiative called The Valhalla Project Boosters and Insurance Ltd Corporation

We have outlined it below for you to digest with some history.

Hope you like it as much as we do!

Current SRF

As most of you know TVP operates a SRF (Ship Replacment Fund) to ensure our logistics pilots are able to continue flying.

No logistics means no fleet as we all know.

This will continue as before without change, meaning logistics ships lost during a fleet action will automatically receive upto 250 mil as usual outside of the new ship insurance coporation.


Our players are also well aware of the strength and necessities of our boosters, tipping them to ensure they keep coming, to make sure we are always flying at our safest, and we thank you for that.

We figured.... why not make it easier? Calculating and splitting your valuable donations into two, to pay two different boosters each time, trying to remember if you have tipped the same booster for the last few days and thus, maybe don't need to do so today. It can be a little more effort than it should be.

So, we've now included that into the same corporation... hence the name!

If you are one of the players who dilligently wants to reward boosters for their long (nearly a year) training and kindness, often logging on at a moments notice to ensure fleet safety, you can continue to do so by tipping the corporation (Please ensure you use the reason box to say Booster Tip).

Management of the corporation will collate tips monthly, and supply a cheque to the boosters from the corporation.

Ship Insurance Corporation

Insurance Premiums

So upon joining a fleet:

Send 15mil to the corp for ship insurance to ensure you are covered against losses (Put "Insurance" in the reason box please)

Upon leaving the fleet; please send your usual booster tips to the corp too (Put "Booster tip" in the reason box please).

Alternativly you can make a combined payment when you start and put "Insurance/Booster tip" in the reason box.

Insurance Payouts

If you lose your ship, you will receive the hull value minus insurance value, plus any fitted modules that did not drop, as long as you paid 15mil into the corp in the last 24hrs, as long as the following guidelines are met;


-Your loss mail was less than 24 hours from your premium payment.
-Your loss was inside a site with the fleet.
-Your loss was not the result of you being afk without first advising the FC.
-Your ship's tank is fit exactly as you linked it when you 'x'd up' for a fleet invite.
-Your kill mail is sent to your Fleet FC with details of the loss from your point of view for forwarding to insurance team

We cannot unfortunately cover

-Loss by pvp (ganks, wardecs, killrights)
-Officer modules.
-special case payouts do apply (see below)

Special Cases

So what's that for:

The altruism and community spirit of The Valhalla Project is legendary. TVP Pilots have lost Hyperions, and then been given such great donations they have been able to go and buy a Vindicator and come right back.

It's time to give some of this altruism back to the community.

So we will have formed at our discretion a 'special case' payout committee, to give us extra breathing room on "extra ordinary" payouts, to make sure we can keep our players safe outside of the above parameters if and when necessary.

Regards: The Valhalla Project team


Coming Soon - Half price insurance for players in our "in-the-pipeline" 'elite' channel. Invite only for those who perform roles and perform them well in fleet.